5 Things To Do Before You Sell

  1. Get estimates from a reliable repairperson on items that need to be replaced soon, such as a roof or worn carpeting, for example. In this way, Buyers will have a better sense of how much these needed repairs will affect their cost.
  2. Have a termite inspection to prove to Buyers that the property is not infested.
  3. Get a pre-sale home inspection so you'll be able to make repairs before Buyers become concerned and cancel a contract.
  4. Gather together warranties and guarantees on the furnace, appliances, and other items that will remain with the house.
  5. Fill out a disclosure form provided by your sales associate. Take the time to be sure that you don't forget problems, however minor, that might create liability for you after the sale.

Service Providers You'll Need When You Sell

Real Estate Attorney
Sanitary Systems Expert
Zoning Inspector
Home Inspector
Survey Company
Mortgage Loan Officer
Flood Plain Inspector
Lead Paint Inspector
Termite Inspector
Radon Inspector
Title Company
Tax Advisor
Insurance Consultant

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